Food-grade thermal equipment for the food and bev Industry

Our experienced reverse engineering experts can diagnose any issues, provide strategic solutions, and get your equipment working before you know it.

Heater failure is frustrating and costs thousands in lost revenue.

We can help get you back up and running.

Our team will: 

  • Assess whether a move to components made of a different material (Silicone, Teflon, Epoxy) might be better for your specific environment
  • Adjust the size, settings, and configuration of your equipment to reduce moisture safely
  • Add system parts for improved equipment strength and function
  • Identify your peak supply voltage (and customize your system to work with that voltage)

Common Food-Grade Heater Problems

Your food-grade heater should have a long life and offer outstanding performance. Wondering what may be wrong with your system? Here are some possible reasons: 

  • Your heater may have accumulated internal or external moisture
  • Your heater may have become misaligned, leading to poor contact between components
  • Your temperature or voltage may have exceeded safe operating thresholds

Our high-quality products serve a wide variety of food and beverage applications

Radiant Heaters

Air Heaters

Stainless steel process heaters

Immersion heaters


Silicone Rubber Heaters



Cartridge Heaters

Working with the Heater Leader is simple.

We know food processors and manufacturers don’t want complicated—they want sanitary, food-grade products that improve their bottom line.


Throw your sample in a box and ship it to us.


We’ll deliver process heaters, controllers, and thermocouples, fast.


You’ll keep on producing, without overpaying.

Why Big Chief?

We work with top food manufacturers to deliver food-grade, high quality stainless steel cartridge heaters, food grade thermocouples, and much more—quickly.

  • 62 years of food and beverage experience
  • We are product Reverse Engineering Experts who can solve your problems
  • Trusted by the food and beverage industry’s top manufacturers
  • Huge selection of Electrical Process Heaters, Thermocouples, and RTDs, including stainless steel 
  • We can manufacture customized heaters in hours
  • Faster lead times

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