About Big Chief Inc.

As the leading North American source for industrial thermal products, Big Chief is an industry pioneer for developing a fully integrated manufacturing and distribution business that produces and delivers the most cost-effective, superior quality products used in a wide variety of applications.

In addition to their capabilities of manufacturing and distribution, Big Chief also specializes in application engineering with their highly trained and skilled team of Thermal Engineers. Solving problems and providing solutions for any thermal process is a key component of Big Chief’s position as a market leader. With direct representation in both the US and Canada, their Thermal Engineers travel on-site to help their customers attain world-class manufacturing processes. Service with solutions is a mindset of their Thermal Engineering team, which has enabled Big Chief to achieve consistent growth with their customers for over 50 years.

Big Chief also has dedicated Customer Service groups who coordinate all orders and shipments. This personal approach allows Big Chief to rapidly respond to any requests or changes its customers may require. Their Customer Service group is an experienced, in-house staff that is driven to exceed your expectations. Every call, email, text, or fax is promptly attended to in a courteous, professional manner that is results-oriented.

North America’s manufacturing heritage is unsurpassed, and Big Chief is committed to being an innovative source of industrial thermal products for its customers so that they can continue to lead the way through the 21st Century.

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