Coil Mini-Tubular Heaters

Coil Heaters

coil heatersBig Chief coil heaters utilize a proprietary internal micro-coil design that delivers high watt densities to concentrated areas such as plastics injection molding nozzles, small heat transfer pipes, hot knives, and concentrated chambers. Coil heaters can be tightly wound or the coil can be distributed to provide a uniform heat pattern over a wide area. Whether you require a standard size for your plastic machinery or a customer configuration for wafer processing, Big Chief engineering can specify the design you require.

Plastic Nozzle/Sprue Bushing Heaters

plastic nozzleBig Chief Coil heaters are a high performance heat source for hot runner applications. The coil heaters are available in a wide variety of inner diameters and lengths to fit any current size on the market. The sheath of the heater is rectangular with the wattage distributed evenly over the length of the nozzle assembly for optimum heat uniformity.

The heater is transitioned to flexible leadwires of Teflon or fiberglass with an additional protective jacket of heavy wall fiberglass sleeve or stainless steel braid. Stainless steel armor is also available. Most designs also feature an internal thermocouple for direct temperature control, which eliminates the need for a separate sensor.

Semiconductor Processing Heaters

semiconductorMineral insulated cable heaters are designed as a high temperature heat source for specific areas or locations. The versatility of design makes this heater a superior choice for semiconductor processing applications. The sheath material is typically stainless steel or Inconel and can be formed into a variety of unique shapes. The heating element terminates to flexible lead wire, which in turn can be connected to the application. These can be formed with tight tolerances to fit into existing grooves or restricted areas, or supplied as straight and formed to fit the application on location. Mounting plates or fittings can be brazed directly to the sheath for installation.

Wedge Lock Nozzle Heaters

wedge lock nozzleBig Chief Wedge Lock Nozzle Heaters feature a revolutionary locking mechanism for injection molding nozzle applications that allows the clamping band of the heater to be mounted or removed using a standard allen wrench. This eliminates the need for an additional tool while delivering incredible clamping force to the heater band. The heater itself is a durable mini-tubular element which is tightly wound inside the clamping band with flexible tails exiting the band for easy installation through the tooling wire channels. The heater is terminated to flexible Teflon leadwires with a moisture proof connection on each lead. The Wedge Lock nozzle heater can be supplied in a variety of wattages and with a type J or K thermocouple. All industry standard replacement sizes are now available from stock.

Strip & Mini-Tubular Heaters

Mini-Tubular Heaters

With the capability to be formed into many shapes, the Mini-Tubular is adaptable to a variety of applications. Swaged or drawn Alloy cable, compacted magnesium oxide and a helical or straight resistance element are the assembled components of the Mini-Tubular. Small diameters and cross-sections allow a quick response, providing heat in tight spaces where most heaters cannot be installed. The typically spiral design allows heat to be applied to the full circumference of the part. The small diameter Mini-Tubular Band Heaters at 3/4″ and 7/8″ inside diameter are exact OEM replacements. Many are available from stock. Also available is a square profile design that increases surface contact for improved conductive heat transfer. An internal thermocouple in some sizes allows for precise temperature monitoring and control. Mini-Tubular Heaters can also be supplied straight for field bending.

  • 360° heated area
  • Readily conforms to surface
  • Fast response and quick heat transfer
  • Helical coil design for superior performance
  • Shock, vibration, contamination and corrosion resistant
  • Available with thermocouple grounded at end
  • Sheath diameters: .040″, .062″, .093″, .125″ and .188″

tubular heaters

tubular heaters

TERMINATIONS strip heaters

Mini-Tubular Heaters are available with standard high temperature leads (450°F/250°C), teflon leads, flexible stainless steel braided lead protection or with stainless steel armor cable.