Cartridge Heaters, Duraslik Non-Stick

durex cartridge heaters duraslik non-stickThe Duraslik non-stick coating eliminates the need for additional release agents to be applied to the heater prior to the insertion. The non-stick coating acts as a corrosion inhibitor and a solid lubricant on the inner diameter of the drilled hole when the heater is energized, allowing for reduced downtime caused by “sticky” heaters during replacement.

The Duraslik coating for cartridge heaters, developed by Durex Industries, allows any cartridge heater to be removed with relative ease after long term use. The patented non-stick coating acts as a corrosion inhibitor and solid lubricant when the heater is inserted into a drilled hole and energized.


  • Reduced downtime caused by “sticky” heater removal
  • Coating is bonded directly to the heater sheath for easy handling
  • No need for secondary release agents prior to insertion
  • Superior heater transfer characteristics for increased life

Technical Data:

  • The ultra-thin Duraslik coating only adds 0.0010″ to 0.0015″ (0.025 – 0.037mm) to the cartridge heater diameter
  • Coating is applied up to 1/4″ of lead exit
  • Coating is rated up to 1400°F (760°C)
  • Heater diameter is manufactured to within standard tolerances after the coating is applied