Air Cooled Cast-In Barrel Heaters

durex air-cooled cast-in barrel heatersFinned air-cooled electric cast-in barrel heater designs provide effective heating and cooling for plastics extrusion barrels. The fin pattern can be supplied as a standard height of 1″ or manufactured to a low profile thickness for small extruders or applications requiring rapid cooling. This pattern is designed to allow the optimal airflow around the casting for maximum cooling rates. Typically the forced air for the cooling function is driven by a shroud and blower system that is an integral part of the extruder, however, these cast- in heaters can be utilized with an individual shroud and blower assembly for increased cooling control of the individual heater zones.

All Durex cast-in barrel heater designs are available with mounting options of stainless steel locking straps or bolt-on clamping construction. Various electrical termination options are available for the air cooled cast-in barrel heater depending on the application and environmental requirements.

Air-cooled barrel heaters utilize a cast fin pattern to maximize airflow over the body of the casting for cooling during the extrusion process. These heaters can be designed for individual shrouds with blowers or other forced are systems. Aluminum alloys are the primary materials used due to their excellent heat transfer characteristics. Bronze alloys can also be used with this design for applications that require service temperatures in excess of 750°F.

Air Cooled Barrel Heater Features:

  • Manufactured with various fin patterns for maximum airflow distribution
  • Available with low profile fins for space restricted designs
  • Mounting to barrel can be bolt-on or strap-on design
  • Engineered to fit any existing shroud assembly
  • Wide variety of heavy duty electrical termination options
  • Custom and standard designs available