Liquid Cooled Cast-In Barrel Heaters

durex liquid-cooled cast-in barrel heatersLiquid-cooled electric cast-in barrel heaters are the most common cast -in heater design used on plastics extrusion barrels. The liquid cooling tubes run symmetrically to the heater element, which provides a uniform cooling pattern across the body of the casting. This cooling function dissipates heat rapidly from the cast-in barrel allowing a tight control of the melt temperature during operation.

The typical liquid cooled design features a single 1/2″ diameter cooling tube of stainless steel or nickel alloy. The tubes can be supplied with no termination and plumbed at the location of the equipment, or other termination options such as cast-in threaded fittings can be supplied to minimize installation time. This cast-in design is also available with a dual cooling function. Although slightly larger in thickness, this design allows for a second cooling tube assembly, which can be employed, if the initial cooling line fails due to scale build up or cracking due to corrosion. All Durex cast-in barrel heaters are available with mounting options of stainless steel locking straps or bolt-on clamping construction. Various electrical termination options are available depending on the application or environmental requirements.

Liquid cooled cast-in heaters are designed to combine the function of heating and cooling the barrel during the extrusion process. These cast barrel heaters are available with a wide range of standard and custom options for maximizing machine operations using various material types.

Design Features:

  • High-quality Incoloy® or stainless steel cooling tubes
  • Available with Dual Cooling for reduced downtime or increased cooling capacity
  • Large .430 diameter heating element with large cold pin for rugged termination
  • Customized cooling tube options for specific applications
  • Mounting to barrel can be bolt-on or strap-on