Silicone Rubber Heaters

Durex Industries’ custom silicone heaters take advantage of the unique properties of silicone rubber to provide flexible heating elements of unparalleled performance. Silicone rubber is calendared onto fiberglass cloth in a variety of thicknesses and constructions which serve as the basis for Durex’s flexible silicone heaters. Generally, two layers of material containing an etched foil element or a precision wire wound element are vulcanized together to form a basic silicone heating element.

Although most silicone heaters are manufactured in a flat flexible heater shape, Durex regularly manufactures silicone rubber heaters in a variety of formed shapes. Forming can provide superior heat transfer, and ease of installation by the customer. A typical design would be a cylindrically shaped heating element that “snaps” onto a pipe of the same diameter. Using proprietary techniques, Durex can form silicone rubber heaters into more complex shapes depending on the customer’s requirements.

Prototype System

  • Custom flexible heater prototypes
  • A collaborative process that optimizes both your technical and business requirements
  • Efficient in-house upfront FEMA process to assess application risks
  • In-house circuit design and photo tool production
  • CNC controlled state of the art cutting machine that eliminates the need for most steel rule cutting dies
  • Agency Approvals and years of experience with approval navigation

Production System

  • Components and sub-assemblies designed to increase your production line velocity
  • Built-in standard quality checks with customer specific attributes included if desired
  • Rigid document control system to lock down the prototype outcome
  • Flexible delivery systems that adapt to your company’s enterprise system
  • ISO 9001 certified system