Pipe Insert (Dry Well) Heaters

durex pipe insert heatersScrew plug and flange immersion heaters can be used to heat a “dry well” in a tank, also referred to as a pipe insert heater. This provides tank heating while facilitating easy removal of the heater without draining the tank contents.

Removal of an immersion heater from a tank for servicing or replacement requires that the tank is drained. When this is impractical, an alternative is to install the immersion heater in a pipe insert or “dry well” arrangement. The immersion heater is fitted with a pressure-tight bayonet pipe or closed end protection tube. This assembly is then mated to a coupling or flange nozzle connection in the storage tank. This isolates the immersion heater from tank contents thereby facilitating easy heater removal without draining the tank. Low heater element watt densities are used to ensure long heater life.

Design Features:

  • Low watt density heater elements for reliable performance & long life
  • High Alloy Incoloy® 840 heater element sheath prevents premature heater failure
  • Standard and hazardous location certified enclosures ensure safe, effective site installation & operation
  • ANSI Class 150lb, 300lb, and 600lb rating are available for flexibility to meet your system needs
  • Steel, 304SS and 316SS pipe insert (vessel) materials for proper material compatibility with a wide range of fluids
  • Welded construction throughout ensures system integrity & pressure-tight performance