Process Heater / Control Panel Systems

durex process heater control panel systemsDurex has the design and manufacturing experience to provide skid-mounted process heaters with interconnected temperature control panels. These value-added industrial heater systems are comprised of one or more process heaters integrated and interconnected to a mating temperature control panel. Depending on the application, there may be additional control panels and/or additional control zones. Durex accepts system responsibility for design and fabrication of the processing system and provides the convenience of skid-mounted and interconnected installation at the job site. Temperature control panels can operate in a stand-alone set-up or can be tied into remote command signals and communications with DCS-type systems. Systems can be safely designed for use in unclassified areas or in a variety of hazardous location areas.

Design Features

  • Matched pair process heater and temperature control panel
    • Single source system responsibility
    • Harmonized heater/control operation
  • Interconnected process heater and control panel
    • Eliminates job-site wiring
  • Integration of temperature sensors and instrumentation
    • Complete control and sensing scheme
  • Horizontal or vertical mounted process heater
    • Fit within space limitations
  • Modular solution
    • Ideal for mobile applications and transport
  • Allowance for installation of pumps, piping, etc.
    • Allows complete, quick integration at the job site
  • Unclassified and hazloc classified solutions
    • Compliance with safety requirements as needed
  • ASME pressure vessel and piping code compliance
    • Compliance with industry standards