Process Heating Systems

durex process heating systemsDurex has the design and manufacturing experience to provide value-added process heating systems that integrate the industrial heater and temperature control with other processing components and instruments such as valves, pumps, blowers, piping, temperature sensors, temperature transmitters, expansion tanks, etc. Process heating systems are custom engineered and tailored to suit application requirements. Temperature control panels can operate in a stand-alone setup or can be tied into remote command signals and communications with DCS-type systems.

Design Features

  • Integrated system design
    • Single source system responsibility
    • Confidence in system performance
  • Single and multi-level skid design
    • Allows fit within space limitations
  • Interconnected system components
    • Eliminates job-site wiring
  • Designed with users and maintenance in mind
    • Easy access layout for quick servicing
  • Modular solution
    • Ideal for mobile applications and transport
  • Unclassified and hazloc classified solutions
    • Compliance with safety requirements as needed
  • ASME pressure vessel and piping code compliance
    • Compliance with industry standards