SENTINEL® Heater and Insulation Systems

durex sentinel heater & insulation systemsDurex Industries’ SENTINEL® Heater and Insulation Systems are a turnkey thermal solution for PECVD, LPCVD, MOCVD, ALD, plasma etch and other vacuum applications. Low vapor pressure gas delivery lines need to be held at a temperature higher than the gas vaporization point in order to prevent condensation that will affect process yields. Vacuum exhaust lines remove the vapor phase by-products from the semiconductor process. Sublimation occurs when the vapor phase materials cool in a vacuum line. By heating the forelines, vacuum lines, and vacuum pumps, sublimation of ammonium chloride (AlCl2), nitrides (NH4) (NH4Cl) and other potentially hazardous materials can be substantially reduced.

The HALO® Temperature Controller and SENTINEL® Gas and Pump Line Heaters are a superior thermal solution for semiconductor applications. Internally, one HALO® temperature controller can monitor the performance and control the temperature of multiple heaters with up to 10 amp resistive loads. Integrated current sensor monitoring of each heater provides engineers with a visual HALO® indication of a heater or wiring failure.