Tubular Heating Elements

Highly versatile and economical Durex manufactured tubular heating elements are applied in virtually every conceivable type of heating application. These robust tubular heaters are a reliable thermal source used to heat a multitude of liquids, gases, and solids and can be applied straight or bent into complex formations.

Tubular heaters are also used for radiant heating in open air or vacuum atmospheres. The heating elements can be cast into or clamped onto metal to form heated parts. A wide selection of standard designs are available or they can be custom designed for your requirements. Durex Industries’ application and design engineering team are available to assist in specifying the proper tubular heater configuration.

Design Features:

  • Precision helical wound nickel-chromium resistance wire provides uniform thermal profile
  • Circumferential cold pin-to-wire fusion weld ensures robust connection for long heater life
  • Compacted, high purity MgO dielectric insulation extends resistance wire life at high temperatures
  • Recompacted bends provide longer life by ensuring insulation integrity
  • UL & CSA recognized elements assures safe and reliable performance