Secure Strong Connections

Fast Heat - Cable Checker

Fast Heat’s CableXChecker™ Hot Runner Cable Testing System Ensures Proper Connectivity
The CableXChecker™ saves labor costs and production downtime by quickly diagnosing problem cables.

Early diagnosis is the best insurance against downtime.
Fast Heat’s CableXChecker™ Cable Testing System can quickly and easily detect connectivity problems.

Why the CableXChecker™?
Traditional cable testing methods are tedious and time-consuming.

  • Labor Intensive: A standard 24-pin cable requires a 576 point-to-point test to diagnose a problem — and a 576 point-to-point retest after a repair.
  • Potential Operator Error: Test lead needs to be placed with surgical precision. Connector pin numbers are small and hard to read.

Fast Heat’s CableXChecker™ Ensures Proper Cable Diagnostics
Each CableXChecker is custom built to match the cables used in your molding operation. In an instant, you can test your cables for continuity, miswired zones, and shorts. You can also:

  • Save Time: A single standard 24-pin cable can be tested in less than a minute.
  • Get Customized: The CableXChecker is the only cable tester available that is specifically built to your wiring and connector standards — and configured to test both heater and thermocouple cables.
  • Simplify Your Repair Process: Pushed-in pins and problem zones are quickly identified with the easy-to-use test lead. Then retest your connections during the repair process.
  • Get Mobile: Powered by a 9v battery and outfitted with a travel handle, the highly portable CableXChecker can be anywhere you need it to be.

Dead cables? No problem. Fast Heat also makes custom cables to your exact specifications!