Diagnose Mold Health

Fast Heat - Mold-Checker

Fast Heat’s MoldXChecker™ Hot Runner Mold Testing System Keeps Your Hot Half Healthy
The MoldXChecker™ prevents line-down situations by quickly identifying shorts, opens, and resistance values in heaters and thermocouples.

Early diagnosis is the best insurance against downtime.
Fast Heat’s MoldXChecker™ can quickly and simply detect problems in your hot half.

Why the MoldXChecker™?
Detect opens, shorts, and overall mold heater health to prevent major damage and downtime — and avoid related expenses.

  • Opens: Shows thermocouple or heater opens, indicates damage to the mold.
  • Shorts: Electrical shorts are destructive to your controller and hot half, causing critical failures.
  • Heater Health: Test the Ohms in the drops, manifolds, and sprues to ensure heaters and thermocouples are properly operating.

Fast Heat’s MoldXChecker™ Can Save An Average of $1,000 Per Zone Per Line-Down

  • Do the Math! Machine downtime: Averages $1,500 per hour @ 8 hours = $12,000 per day.
  • Hot Half Costs: Clean-up system — Averages $500 parts + labor to take it apart + labor to put back together = $2,500, depending on the machine.
  • Bad Part Costs: Your bottom line and reputation.
  • Safety Concerns: Shorts can cause injury, either at the time of the short or as repairs are being made.
  • The MoldXChecker can help ensure that errors in the mold are found before power is applied.
  • What else can you do with the MoldXChecker?
    • Get Customized: The MoldXChecker is the only mold tester available and custom built to your wiring standards.
    • Simplify Your Repairs: Testing your molds before putting them back into service saves time and costs.
    • Get Mobile: Powered by two 9v batteries and outfitted with a travel handle, the highly portable MoldXChecker can be anywhere you need it to be.