Our Low-Cavitation Controller for High-Quality Part Production

Fast Heat - Ion
At Fast Heat, our customers understand the importance of their low-cavitation molds. Startup times are quicker, complex parts are easier and low run requests from customers are manageable. And that’s why our customers select the Ion Series low-cavitation hot runner controller.

We built the Ion because we know that when it comes to high quality parts, there’s nothing more important than consistent—and stable—temperature control. The Ion can handle all the temperature-related variations in your molding process, so thinner walls, more complex and tighter tolerance parts are easier to produce—and waste becomes less a drag on your margins.

The Ion can do everything you wish your modular controllers could—and more!

The Ion is built specifically to:

  • Control Up to 24 Zones.
  • Drastically Reduce Scrap, Flashing, Stringing and Burning.
  • Protect Tooling.
  • Improve Productivity and Part Quality.
  • Lower Maintenance Costs.
  • Lower Energy Costs.

With the Ion attached to your tool, you can take low-cavitation control to a whole new level.

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Our High-Cavitation Controller Exceeds Your Highest Standards

Fast Heat - Pulse

High cavity molds are among your company’s most important assets. The high quality part volume you must produce on a daily basis is directly related to how well your tools perform—without fail.

At Fast Heat, we understand the complexities of your materials and the precise temperatures you require. You need to use nylon 6-6, hold tight temperature profiles, run production with older tooling and slightly worn parts.

The Pulse’s advanced technology allows you to determine the optimal specifications for your production cycle, protects your heaters and thermocouples, helps prevent operator error and keeps your tooling—working.

The Pulse:

  • Controls 26 Zones and Above.
  • Can Withstand Tough Industrial Environments.
  • Uses Constant Tuning-Adaptive Learning PID Algorithm.
  • Reduces Failures, Downtime. Increases Productivity.
  • Is Easy to Use with Four-Color Display Screens.
  • Doesn’t Glitch, Crash or Lock-Up Like PC-Based Systems.

With the Pulse on your production floor, your machinery is protected, your productivity increases and your customers come back for the high quality parts they know you’ll produce—every time.

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