1350 Controller PID, 1/4 DIN



Operator interface

  • Large LCD display with customization of colors assigned to PV, SV, and F display, of the color of the plastic faceplate, and of the logo.
  • Graphic display of power, output current, or valve position. Scrolling alphameric display of 25 messages (32 letters each), completely configurable and savable, in three languages.
  • Thanks to language selection and clear scrolling messages for diagnostics, alarms, and process state, the controller speaks the user’s language.

Easy Configuration

  • Guided configuration for manual-free programming, with a few essential parameters and online help messages.
  • Ability to clone configuration among controllers, even with power off and in the field, thanks to a mini portable configurator with a Zapper battery.
  • Extended configuration, creation of work recipes, and firmware updates via PC and GF_eXpress software, even without powering the controllers.
  • Thanks to the Smart Configurator function, you obtain the required parameter recipe by answering a few simple questions.
  • Local configuration and operation with only four keys assigned to LEDs that serve as feedback for the pressed key and as a guide to specifying appropriate steps.
  • The initial parameters can always be reset, both from the keypad and from the GF_eXpress software tool.

Diagnostics, Preventive Maintenance, and Energy Monitor

  • Complete diagnostics for broken or incorrectly connected probe, total or partial load break, out-of-range variables, and control loop faults.
  • Thanks to the switching count and to the settable alarm thresholds, you can program preventive maintenance to replace worn actuators.
  • An internal energy counter with an alarm for abnormal variations totalizes energy consumption and costs for constant control.

Function block applications

  • Sixteen AND, OR, Timer Function Blocks let you create customizable logic sequences for complete and flexible machine control.
  • The controller’s hardware resources are exploited completely, without any need for external devices such as timers and small PLCs.


  • Advanced tuning algorithms ensure stable and accurate control even with critical or very rapid thermal systems, engaging automatically when necessary.


  • Three types of timers let you set delay times before activating the control, hold times on the setpoint value, and time changes of programmed setpoints.

Setpoint Programmer

  • Models with twelve ramp and hold steps, groupable in four programs, with enable inputs and event outputs, are available for applications with setpoint profiles.
  • The operator interface provides two additional displays dedicated to the permanent display for Nr. of step and Nr. program.
  • On-board configuration and graphic configuration with GF_eXpress.

Valve Positioner

  • Models to control motorized valves, without feedback.
  • Valve position is calculated and shown on the display.

General characteristics

  • The controller is completely software configurable without accessing the internal electronics.
  • The universal main input accepts thermocouple sensors, resistance thermometers, and linear.
  • The controller can be replaced at any time simply by removing the faceplate, without any additional procedures.


  • Operator interface with large LCD Display, customizable, with choice of colors
  • Scrolling diagnostics messages, configurable, in the selected language
  • Easy, guided configuration, copy/ paste parameters even with power off
  • Preventive maintenance with energy counters (kWh) and load switching
  • 16 function block applications
  • Timer, setpoint and algorithm programmer for controlling motorized valves
  • Advanced tuning of control parameters
  • Different password levels
  • Universal input configurable for thermocouples, resistance thermometers, linear inputs
  • Remote setpoint input
  • Relay, logic, isolated analog outputs
  • Up to two CT inputs for interrupted load diagnostics
  • RS485 serial communication in Modbus RTU
  • Removable faceplate for immediate replacement
  • Accuracy 0.2%, sampling time 60 ms