2850T Up to 8 PID loops controller programmer and recorder, 3.5” graphic touch interface



2850T Multifunction controller is an all-in-one device. It combines precision PID controllers, secure data logging, batch reporting, Set Point Programmer (Ramp & Soak), and a powerful function block that will allow customized programs with sequence control configurability. The brilliant 3.5" touch graphic interface makes extremely clear the visualization of process parameters. This technology also provides the capability, from the front of the controller, to be configured without the need for a connected PC. The 2850T meets the high accuracy standards of the Aerospace and Automotive Industries with CQI9 and AMS2750.

PID control Loops

  • 2850T can control up to 8 individual PID loops. The flexibility of the 2850T allows the user to utilize a variety of advanced control loop functions. These range from single loop, proportional or motorized valve, ratio control, and cascade control.
  • The 2850T has multiple tuning methods to give the user precise control over the process. This will ensure stable and accurate temperature control for applications with critical heat demands or fast processes.

Data Logger and Batch report

  • The Data Logger function, combined with the Real Time Clock stores process data, IN/OUT signals, and alarms status in an open file (.CSV format) or encrypted file. The minimum data sampling frequency is 1 second. The batch report option lets you associate the archived data with a specific batch code reference. The flexibility of the 2850T data format will allow the user to create customized, production, and quality report.
  • Compliance with CFR21 and ANNEX11 allows the Multifunction series to be used in applications in the Pharmaceutical sectors by providing Audit Trail, Digital Recording, and Electronic Signature features. Required functionalities to ensure traceability of production batches in electronic format.
  • DataLog Utility PC is available for easy management of all archived data, and allows manually or automatically copy, and deletes files via an Ethernet network. Data stored on a PC can be displayed in trend chart format or a spreadsheet (Excel type) or exported as CSV or PDF files.

Set Point Programmer (Ramp & Soak)

  • 2850T provides an advanced Set Point programmer for the user to create control profiles with ramp, soak, hold, and event In/Out functions for each step. The multiple processes can be set up so that each zone can have synchronized time-based or asynchronous times. Guaranteed Soaks, multiple event outputs for auxiliary control can be managed in the Programmer.


  • Gefran’s GETlogic is an optional programming package on the 2850T controller. GETlogic is part of the GF_Express Tool available for download from Gefran’s website. GETlogic combines logic functions and mathematical functions allowing the user to create customized sequence control with the combined use of advanced process control functions.
  • The 2850T as an all-in-one device, takes high-level process control with math and integrates logic functions. It is now possible with the creation of virtual control channels, with delays, timers, sequence control, logic functions, and mathematical functions, along with the precise PID control allowing the user to combine all advanced functions into one 2850T solution.

Custom interface GETview

  • GETview is also in Gefran’s GF_Express software. GETView allows the user to create graphic customized pages specific to the application. GETview, allows the user to design a dynamic graphic interface that will simplify and make clear the process interactions on the plant floor. Gefran includes a graphic symbol library to aid in the development of customized views. There are easy links to associate the graphic symbols to the controller variables.

GF Express with GETview & GETlogic

  • GF Express is Gefran’s configuration tool for all of their micro-processor configured products. GETView and GETlogic are parts of the configuration tool for use with the 2850T.

Remote service & Security

  • The 2850T has several levels of password and security available. These are available for the user to protect the device from unauthorized access or use.
  • When needed or desired the 2850T will support a remote VNC server service that can be a PC, Tablet, or Smart Phone. This will allow viewing & editing from local or remote locations. The security levels for local access also apply to remote access. The remote service can be used for diagnostics and process views to aid production uptime and troubleshooting down equipment.


  • Operator interface color touch screen display, 3,5"
  • Up to 8 PID control loops
  • Cascade PID control, ratio, and proportional valves
  • Advanced PID control loop tuning
  • Fully configurable analog signal
  • AMS2750 and CQI9 compliance compliance for Aerospace and Automotive applications
  • CFR21 and ANNEX11 conformant for Pharmaceutical applications
  • Data Log, Trend Charts, and Batch Report with Real Time Clock
  • Historical files encrypted or open format (CSV)
  • USB for data export and parameter export/import
  • Profile programming with ramps and soak
  • Up to 250 stored profile programs.
  • Synchronous and asynchronous profile programmer
  • Configurable logic and math operations (GETlogic)
  • Customizable operator graphic interface (GETview)
  • 3 password protected user levels
  • Energy meter (kWh)
  • HMI/SCADA data exchange via Modbus TCP
  • Interface language selection