600 OF PID controller “Open frame”

600 OF


  • Microprocessor controller, format 44×91 (1/16 DIN) manufactured using SMT.
  • Provides a complete operator interface. It has 4 keys, two green LED displays, each with 4 digits, 4 red signal LED’s for the 4 logic or relay outputs, and 3 other programmable LED’s to signal the various operational states of the instrument.
  • Can be connected to an external keyboard for custom solutions.
  • The main input for the process variable is universal, and many types of signals can be connected: thermocouples, resistance thermometers, thermistors, and normalized linear inputs, all with the possibility of custom linearization using the faceplate keys. The type of input is selected from the faceplate keys; no external shunts are required.
  • Control functions are selectable from classic mode or from setpoint programmer mode with 3 settable steps.
  • With the isolated digital input you can select: one of the two presettable setpoints, select Manual-Automatic mode, reset the alarms memory, or enable the hold function.
  • The instrument can have up to 5 outputs: relay (5A at 250Vac/30Vdc cos_= 1) or logic 15V ±10% (12V min at 30mA).
  • The function of each output is freely configurable from the faceplate keys.
  • In addition to control and alarm outputs, you can have outputs that repeat the state of the digital input and values alarm limits acquired from the serial line.
  • Another output (±15Vdc 20mA max.) is available to power external transmitters.
  • The serial communication option (available in RS485 standard) allows connection to supervision systems and PLCs with the MODBUS RTU protocol.
  • Instrument programming is facilitated by grouping parameters in functional blocks (CFG for control parameters, Inp for inputs, Out for outputs, etc.).
  • The instrument can also select display parameters based on hardware configuration, automatically masking irrelevant parameters.
  • The instrument is supplied with an "EASY" configuration with just a few parameters (only those for the model ordered and essential for controller operation). In this way, you just have to set the setpoint and alarm, and launch self-tuning from the button. The 600OF does all the rest.
  • A PC programming kit is available for an even simpler configuration, composed of a cable and a guided program for the Windows environment (see data sheet code Winstrum).
  • Compact "Open Frame" mechanical structure makes the 600 OF easy to use even on small panels and housings.


  • Universal input configurable from faceplate
  • Accuracy better than 0.2% f.s. under nominal conditions
  • Up to 5 outputs, relay, logic, for control,alarms
  • Hot/cold function with selection of cooling liquid
  • 3 alarms with completely configurable function
  • Software alarm for load interrupt or probe in short circuit (LBA)
  • Self-tuning, Auto-tuning, Soft-start, bumpless Man/Auto function
  • Double set, set ramp, timed output function
  • Setpoint programmer functions with 3 configurable steps
  • Configurable internal buzzer
  • Optically isolated RS485 serial communication, protocol: MODBUS RTU
  • Self-diagnosis
  • Panel mounting
  • Screw connections with removable terminals