GFX Valves PID controller for motorized valves for DIN rail

GFX Valves


  • Rear panel microprocessor instrument for 3-way motorized valves.
  • The main input for the variable to be adjusted is universal and gives the possibility of connecting various signal types: thermocouples, resistance thermometers, thermistors, linear inputs, and potentiometers, all with the possibility of custom linearization.
  • A second isolated auxiliary analog input is available, with fully configurable functions for linear signals or input from the potentiometer for valve position.
  • Specific parameters are present for the valve control, such as actuator stroke time, minimum movement time, movement trip setpoint, and dead zone.
  • You can also select function type, with or without potentiometer, and with PID or PD algorithm.


  • Ideal for control of OPEN-CLOSE valves with or without potentiometer feedback
  • Two versions:
    MASTER – independent temperature control and communication unit
    SLAVE – independent temperature control unit
  • Protection: IP20
  • Universal temperature input, accuracy 0.2%
  • Configurable digital input
  • Module with double relay with valve open/close function
  • Logic output or "cooling" relay
  • Heat/cool PID, selection of cooling fluid, self-tuning, auto-tuning, soft-start
  • 4 generic alarms, LBA alarm
  • 2 configurable relay outputs
  • Field bus for Master Standard:
    "Modbus RTU" with Serial 485 optically
    Option: "PROFIBUS DP", "CANopen"