Zapper Portable battery-powered configurator for instrumentation



  • Zapper is the portable, battery-powered device for cloning configuration parameters among Gefran model 650/1250/1350 temperature controllers.
  • You don’t have to know the meaning of the parameters or the programming philosophy: everyone can use Zapper immediately.
  • With a simple click, Zapper can copy the program (parameters) you need from a PC and GF_eXpress (Gefran’s universal configuration software) or directly from a field device.
  • The program, saved securely in Zapper, can then be pasted easily into another device, duplicating configurations safely and without mistakes.
  • You can use Zapper without having to power the controllers.
  • Zapper uses the energy from its batteries and can be used on the device still in its package or on controllers installed on the panels.


  • Configures models 650/1250/1350 with power supply off
  • Can save four programs
  • Only three keys for simple copying/ pasting/checking of selected program
  • One bi-color (green/red) LED for clear diagnostics
  • Saves programs even when battery is low