RK-2 Compact contactless – Magnetostrictive – ROD flange AISI 316 – Analogues outputs



  • Contactless linear position transducer with magnetostrictive technology: the absence of electrical contact on the cursor eliminates problems of wear and consumption and guarantees almost unlimited life.
  • The head’s flanged shape and small size make the RK-2 series ideal for applications requiring installation completely inside the hydraulic cylinder.
  • The overall dimensions of the sensor are among the smallest available on the market.
  • For the interface signal, you can choose between a start/stop interface (which allows the use of multiple cursors) and an analog interface that gives the displacement of a single cursor (available in several ranges in Voltage or Current).
  • Excellent linearity, repeatability, and resistance to mechanical vibrations and shocks complete the product’s specifications overview.


  • Absolute transducer
  • Strokes from 50 to 4000mm (RK-2-_ _ _ _ -N/E/S)
  • Digital output RS422 Start/Stop (RK-2-_ _ _ _ -S)
  • Direct analog output (RK-2-_ _ _ _ -N/K/E)
  • Operating temperature: -30…+90°C
  • Resistance to vibration (DIN IEC68T2/6 20g)
  • Power supply 18Vdc…30Vdc
  • Optional 12Vdc power supply (RK-2-_ _ _ _ -K)
  • The digital version (RK-2-_ _ _ _ -S) allows the remote connection (max. 50 m) of optional electronics for use of advanced analog (EKA) or CANopen (EKC) interfaces