GFW Single/Bi/three-phase power controller up to 300A



  • In industrial electric heating applications the use of modular and robust SCR power controllers allows to safely and immediately control the different heat treatment processes.
  • The GFW Power Controller range from 40 to 300A, and offers a robust control solution with simple and safe diagnostics and a complete integration into existing factory automation systems.
  • The ease and flexibility of configuration, with dedicated wizards, allow safe and fast use in all situations.
  • Special attention has been focused on the size of the product, which positions it as the most compact on the market, ensuring its use even in extremely limited installations.


  • Current rating from 40A to 300A
  • Voltage rating 480Vac , 600Vac, 690Vac
  • Single, Two and Three phase
  • Firing mode configuration "Zero crossing" (Fixed Cycle, Burst Firing, Half single Cycle) or "Phase angle"
  • Configurable analogue inputs: mA, V, Potentiometers, digital (PWM)
  • Configurable retransmission analogue outputs: mA, V
  • Current limit
  • Feedback V, V2, I, I2, P
  • Fieldbus: ProfiNET, Profibus DP, Modbus-RTU/TCP, Ethernet/IP, EtherCAT, CanOpen,
  • GF_eXpress configuration tools
  • SCCR UL 508 100KA