GPC Single/Two/Three phase advanced power controller up to 600A



For precise control of industrial electric heating processes, robust, compact, fast SCRs are needed, able to work with all types of loads (Linear resistance, MoSi2, Sic, SWIR, Graphite, Transformers) together with simple and immediate diagnostics.

The Power Controller GPC range from 40 to 600A, and offers solutions and technologies, to provide the best features able to handle even the most critical thermal process applications.

  • Flexibility – To meet any control requirement, from linear resistors to symmetrical and asymmetrical transformers, fully configurable dedicated technology functions are available.
  • Maintenance – Preventing possible failures allows to limit or eliminate dangerous machine downtime and production. The GPC Power Controllers integrate diagnostic features able to provide the main control system with useful information to anticipate probable failures.
  • Connectivity – In modern production processes, more and more control devices are required to be integrated into factory automation networks. This requirement is satisfied by GPC Power Controllers, thanks to the availability of the latest communication protocols.
  • Modula I/O – A wide range of digital and analog signals, fully configurable, are available for different uses to support power control functions. Such as the retransmission of command values, process variable acquisition, alarm status or manual operation.
  • Compact – A special focus has been placed on the size of the product, which places it as the most compact on the market, ensuring its use even in extremely limited installations.


  • Current rating from 40A to 600A
  • Voltage rating 480Vac , 600Vac o 690Vac
  • Single, Two and Three phase
  • Firing mode configuration "Zero crossing" (Fixed Cycle, Burst Firing, Half single Cycle) or "Phase angle"
  • Configurable analogue inputs: mA, V, Potentiometers, digital (PWM)
  • Configurable retransmission analogue outputs: mA, V
  • External CT input
  • Current limit
  • Feedback V, V2, I, I2, P
  • Fieldbus: ProfiNET, Profibus DP, Modbus-RTU/TCP, Ethernet/IP, EtherCAT, CanOpen
  • GF_eXpress configuration tools
  • SCCR UL 508 100KA