GSLM Smart electrical loads manager



In processes that use multi-zone electric heating or systems with different electric heat treatment furnaces, the simultaneous demand for energy from the several control systems can cause high peaks of consumption exceeding the supply limits which could produce an increase in the cost of energy or cause the triggering of protective circuit breakers with any production stops, in particular, if the system works close to the limit of available electrical power.

In these processes GSLM (Gefran Smart Load Manager), a compact and robust industrial device, through a series of technological algorithms, manages the distribution of power over the various loads, to obtain an overall balanced energy consumption that minimizes power peaks. The result is an increase in the energy efficiency of the plant with a consequent reduction in production costs.

Main Applications

  • Heat Treatment Ovens and plant
  • Float glass plant
  • Chemical Hardening plant
  • Glass bending furnaces


  • Resistive electrical loads management
  • Compatible with Power Controller series GPC e GFW (up to 64 units)
  • Total limitation of power peak
  • Predictive distribution of loads demand
  • Load Sharing / Load Shedding optimization algorithm
  • Ethernet / Analog connection to control system
  • VNC remote connection (configuration and maintenance)
  • Graphic pages configuration
  • Graphic trend visualization
  • Data Logging and export to CSV file