GTF-Xtra Single-phase power controller up to 60A, with over current fault protection (Xtra)



  • The Gefran GTF-Xtra power controller combines the functionality of a single, two, or three-phase solid-state power unit and controller with the benefits of the unique integrated overcurrent fault protection function.
  • The fault protection eliminates the need for extra-rapid fuses, reducing machine downtime and the cost of replacing fuse failures. It does so by instantaneously monitoring load current, cutting the power if the load reaches a pre-set threshold, and isolating the power switching devices.
  • In applications susceptible to intermittent short-circuits and overloads, the Gefran Xtra power controller can be programmed to restore power automatically when the fault has cleared, preventing complete process shutdown and maintaining production.
  • Alternatively, power can be manually restored, locally or remotely.
  • A soft-start ramp is applied when the current is restored, to prevent system damage in the event that the fault is not effectively cleared.
  • The GTF-Xtra controller is compact, modular, and optimized to control virtually any type of restive heating system in a wide range of industrial applications.
  • Impressive functionality is assured by a comprehensive array of options that are configurable with intuitive, guided-set-up, PC-based Windows software.
  • GTF-Xtra always provides an RS485 serial connection with Modbus RTU protocol to control currents, voltages, powers, load status, and device status from the supervisor terminal (HMI) or PLC.


  • Suitable for use in a wide range of applications including furnaces for heat treatment, high-temperature material sintering processes, glass and ceramic production
  • The integrated overcurrent fault protection provides complete heating process and system protection
  • Designed for Super Kanthal™ and silicon carbide single or three-phase heating systems
  • Operating current and voltage range up to 60 A, 480Vac.
  • Configurable in all control firing modes including zero crossing, half-single cycle, and phase angle
  • Wide range of options to suit specific applications including transformer-based heating systems
  • Modbus RTU serial connection