GRS Single-phase solid state relay, up to 120A



Continuous and precise control of electrical resistors for industrial heating applications require reliable, compact, and fast with integrated diagnostic Solid State relays. The GRS series of Solid State Relay with current ratings from 15 to 120 Amperes, voltages up to 660Vac, zero crossing switching (ZC), and ultra-compact sizes is the ideal device for this type of application.

Accessories such as heat sinks, fuses, and fans are available for installation.


  • Current range from 15A up to 120A
  • Ultra slim dimension
  • DIN rail and panel mounting installation
  • Zero crossing (ZC) switching mode
  • Vdc / Vac command signal
  • Command wiring push-in terminal
  • Power cable box clamp terminal
  • Load voltage 480Vac, 600Vac
  • Thermal alarm option with led and digital output status
  • Load break alarm option with led and digital output status
  • Overvoltage protection
  • SCCR 100KA