GT Single-phase solid state relay, up to 120A



  • The GT family of solid-state relays has been designed with the aim of providing very accurate control of the load thanks to an analog control input, in voltage at 0…5V; 0…10V or in current at 0…20/4…20mA or a potentiometer (from 1Kohm to 10 Kohm).
  • The electronic design ensures that the cycle time for proportioning the power is automatically optimized.
  • The number of cycles that the GT supplies to the load (wave trains) for a given input signal are calculated to be the minimum possible to maintain the necessary accuracy.
  • The GT can be used in three-phase systems, using master-slave control architecture in which the control signal drives only one GT (master) and this unit supplies the synchronized signals to the other slaves.
  • Two GS modules can also be used as slaves (logic control). A load interrupt control option (HB) is available without having to use an external current transformer; the alarm limit is settable with a trimmer and yellow LED signal, with voltage-free contact, normally open.
  • The GT solid-state relay has a green LED to indicate the presence of the 24Vac power supply and a red LED to indicate the switching based on the analog control input signal.
  • The LED signal will be continuous (off at minimum, on at maximum) at the ends of the scale, pulsing for intermediate values.
  • The units offer optional accessories for panel mounting, fuses, and fuse holders, current transformer, and isolation transformers.
  • Use the relè with an opportune heatsink (see section accessories).


Zero-voltage switching, optimised fast cycle time. Current range: 25A to 120A, diagnostics and load interrupt alarm

  • Command input from analogue voltage or current signal or potentiometer.
  • Switching at voltage zero crossing.
  • Partialization of wave train power with dynamically optimized time cycle.
  • Antiparallel double SCR
  • 2 led for supply indication, "ON" state, 1 optional LED for load interrupt alarm
  • 4000V isolation between input circuit and power output
  • MOV (varistor)
  • Optional monitoring of interrupted load
  • DIN rail mounting (standard); Panel mounting (optional)