GTZ Three-phase solid state relay, up to 55A



  • 3-phase "zero crossing" power solid state unit for control of resistive and inductive loads, complete with aluminum heatsink and DIN guide connection.
  • Integrated device designed for industrial applications demanding control of high power levels and frequent switching, with loads up to 3 x 55A (AC51) at 400/480/600Vac.
  • Control is logic type (Vdc), signaled by LEDs. Each phase is controlled by means of semiconductors .
  • The constructive elements, special production process, and new, sturdy case, provide excellent reliability and continuity of service.
  • The device is sized for continuous operation at nominal current in a 40°C installation environment.
  • All versions are protected against overvoltages and against junction overtemperature, with signal LEDs and (optional) solid-state alarm output.
  • The device is supplied complete with covers to protect against direct contacts (covers are removable for wiring).
  • Accessories are available: fuses, fuse holders, support for panel mounting, thermostats, and fans.


Zero-voltage switching. Current range: 25A to 55A

  • 3-phase alternating current solid state relay with integrated hestsink
  • Zero crossing switching
  • 3-phase nominal current 3×25/40/55A
  • Nominal voltage up to 600VCArms Control range:5…32Vdc
  • Optoinsulation (input/output) 4000Vrms
  • Integrated overvoltage suppressor
  • Non-repetitive voltage up to 1200Vp
  • Component selection to operate at max. declared current with ≤ 40°C temperature
  • DIN bar mounting with fast clip-on
  • In Conformity with EN60947-4-3 and UL508