TPHADA High pressure > 1000bar digital autozero volt or mA output



  • Series TPHADA transmitters for high pressure are based on bonded strain gauge on stainless technology.
  • The measurement diaphragm with a monolithic structure makes the transmitter highly efficient, reliable, and safe – extremely important factors in high-pressure applications.
  • The entire mechanical structure, with vent holes, is designed to guarantee safety and makes the transducer suitable for measuring both static and dynamic pressure, even under harsh conditions.
  • The TPHADA is particularly suitable for applications in high and very high-pressure hydraulic circuits, such as (for example) on test benches or on waterjet cutting machines.
  • State-of-the-art electronics provide a wide range of output signals in current and in voltage, and the innovative digital "Auto-Zero & Span" function provides quick and easy automatic adjustment of zero after installation with a simple touch of the magnetic pen (supplied).


  • Ranges: from: 0…1000 to 0…5000 bar
  • Output signal 4…20mA 2 wires / 0,1…5,1Vdc / 0.1…10.1Vdc / 0…5Vdc / 0…10Vdc / 1…5Vdc / 1…6Vdc / 1…10Vdc
  • Protection: IP65/IP67
  • Wetted parts: 15-5PH / 17-4PH stainless steel
  • Measurement diaphragm with monolithic stainless steel structure
  • Digital Auto-Zero & Span function
  • Suitable for measuring static and dynamic pressure