TPSADA High accuracy digital autozero volt or mA output



  • Digital "Autozero & Span" option makes the pressure transmitter TPSA Series a product extremely innovative and versatile.
  • Designed thanks to the advanced electronics used by TPSA, this function allows zero and spans adjustment in a simple, fast and reliable way, avoiding using an analog trimmer, potential weak point, and source of possible drifts or failures.
  • The starting is user-friendly, simply touching the specific target marked on the sensor body with a pen with a magnetic head (included as standard).
  • Within a few seconds the operation is concluded, without the need to dismantle or open the instrument.


  • Coarse Magnetic Autozero
  • Fine Magnetic Autozero
  • Calibration Signal 80% FS
  • Magnetic Autospan
  • Partial reset function
  • Total reset function