TSA Low pressure relative and absolute volt or mA outputs



  • Series TSA transmitters are based on silicon piezoresistive sensing elements in Wheatstone bridge configuration.
  • Thanks to highly stable electronic components, these transmitters can be used in applications requiring long-distance signal transmission or in smart control systems.
  • TSA pressure transmitters were developed mainly for pressure measurement in industrial refrigeration and air conditioning, compressor, and pumps.
  • They are also used for monitoring and control on automatic machines and general-purpose industrial applications.


  • Ranges: from 0…0.05 bar to 0…60 bar (0…1 to 0…1000 psi)
  • Complete range of voltage/current outputs
  • Protection rating: IP65/IP67
  • Wetted parts: AISI304 , AISI316, NBR, Viton
  • Operating temperature range -20…+85°C
  • Accuracy: ± 0.15% FSO typical
  • Fill Fluid: silicone oil
  • Available absolute ranges
  • Available "Barometric" range (0.8-1.2 bar abs)
  • Available low ranges (50mbar and 100mbar)
  • Accessories: TDP