TRD Resistance thermometers for monitoring of dykes/tunnels



  • Temperature limits: -40 … +150°C
  • Tolerance: UNI 7937, IEC 751 standards:
    ± 0.15°C at 0°C for class A (1/2 DIN)
    ± 0.30°C at 0°C for class B (1 DIN)
    ± 0.10°C at 0°C for 1/3 DIN class
  • Tinned copper conductors with silicon rubber insulation
  • PT100 wire-wound resistance thermometer
  • Extension cable with 4 tinned copper conductors, silicon rubber primary insulation with Mylar Aluminium screen, silicone rubber outside insulation.
  • Free wire termination
  • Transition with 12 mm external diameter with circular tightened folded seam (double)
  • Specific use for immersion in concrete