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Cotton Gloves

The two most common fabrics in the glove industry are cotton canvas (woven) and jersey (knit). Cotton fabrics are made in a variety of fabric weights for specific applications. Traditionally, our industry’s most popular fabric weights have been 8, 10, or 12 ounce per square yard. Heavier weight gloves such as chore, double palm, and hot mills are made by quilting two or more pieces of fabric together.

Product components:

Weight of a glove: The weight of a glove is determined by the weight of the fabric in the palm of the hand. An 8 oz glove is made with 8 oz per square yard material. A 10 oz glove is made with 10 oz per square yard material. To make a 24 oz glove you take two 12 oz per square yard materials (or any combination of 24 oz) and quilt them together. This only applies to the weight of material in the palm of the hand. For example, a 24 oz glove will have a 24 oz palm but a lighter fabric weight on the back.

Types of gloves, cuff styles and thumb styles: The two most common types of cotton gloves are clute and reversible patterns. Common woven fabric cuffs include knit wrist, band top (normally 2 “) and gauntlet (normally 4”-5 “). Thumb styles include straight, wing, and reversible.