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Leather Gloves

The most common leathers used in the glove business are cowhide, pigskin, deerskin and goatskin. Each type of leather has its own performance characteristics; including abrasion resistance, puncture resistance, breathability, insulation, moisture resistant and many more. These characteristics matched with a particular job help determine the right glove. Below is a quick lesson to better understand the characteristics of leather gloves and how they are best used.

Leather Categories

Leather quality is determined by the location of the leather on the animal, hide consistency, hide weight and hide imperfections. All hides are separated by the location of the hide and then divided into A, B and C grade levels. Grade levels impact all aspects of the quality of leather and therefore impact the cost of glove. We have classified each of our leather gloves as Premium, Select or Standard.

Premium leather gloves are the highest caliber leather making them the most durable and best fitting gloves in the leather line. Premium leather gloves include heavyweight side split cowhide, premium top grain deerskin, cowhide, goatskin and pigskin. All premium styles are made of the highest grade hides. They are the most consistent quality and typically the highest in price.

Select leather gloves are made with from the middle grade leather. They provide consistent quality and are typically from the shoulder areas of the animal.

Standard leather work gloves deliver the best possible value. This is the economical choice. Product is mostly made with the lower grade leather hides.