Commercial Cables and Controls


Chromalox offers a full line of cables, accessories, and controls to cover many applications in the commercial construction market. Pipe freeze protection, freeze protection of fire sprinkler piping, roof and gutter de-icing, embedded snow melting, frost heave prevention, hot water temperature maintenance and floor warming systems are available many of these systems use components adapted from our Industrial product lines to insure rugged high quality system solutions.

Heating Cable – Pipe Freeze Protection

Chromalox SRF Cable is ideal for keeping metal and plastic pipes warm in commercial construction, institutional buildings and some industrial freeze protection applications. SRF cable is constructed of a self-regulating polymer core that varies its output along its entire length, saving energy and eliminating hot spots along the pipe. Parallel construction makes it easier to install than zone or series types of cable since it can be cut-to-length at any point on the pipe. It can be single overlapped without overheating the cable.

Heating Cable – Roof and Gutter De Icing

SRF-RG Heating Cable is specifically designed for roof and gutter de-icing applications. SRF-RG features a self-regulating matrix that reduces output as snow melt requirements decrease or when warm weather is present. The braided and overjacketed construction provides reliable moisture protection. The 16 AWG buss wires allow ample circuit lengths and rugged design. Accessories are available for mounting to roofs and gutters.

Heating Cable – Snow Melting Controls

Chromalox Snow Melting Systems are used to keep walkways, entrance ways, parking garage ramps, loading ramps, stairways and other areas free of snow and ice. These electric snow melting systems reduce snow removal costs, help to avoid slip and fall accidents, and help prevent damage to expensive flooring caused by tracked in sand, salt or other chemicals used to melt ice. Chromalox utilizes mineral insulated heating cable with a rugged, chemical resistance Alloy 825 sheath. Watt densities to 50 watts per foot are available in voltages from 120 to 480 volts. Chromalox carries a complete line of snow melting controls and sensors from single point on/off snow switches to multi point distributed systems. Controls are designed to simplify and economize system operation.

Heating Cable – Frost Heave Prevention

Chromalox Frost Heave Prevention Systems can prevent damage that occurs when moisture below a concrete slab freezes, causing excessive expansion and buckling. To prevent frost heave, heating cable is installed in a sand or aggregate bed neneath the concrete slab to maintain moisture temperature above freezing. Chromalox frost heave prevention systems provide reliable protection for a variety of applications, including food storage freezers, blast freezers, and roadways or walkways.

Heating Cable – Hot Water Maintenance

Hot Water Temperature Maintenance Systems are designed to provide commercial buildings with immediate hot water at the tap without the use of a recirculation system; thus saving on unnecessary water waste. Systems are designed for various temperatures used in showers, baths, kitchen and laundry facilities. Chromalox hot water maintenance systems are designed maintain hot water supply piping at desired nominal maintenance temperatures. SRL and SRM/E cables replace heat lost through the thermal insulation on hot water supply piping to maintain the water at desired nominal temperatures without the need for costly insulated recirculation lines, pumps and balancing valves. Chromalox offers a myriad of control solutions for these applications from pipe mounted single point systems to multi-point distributed systems.

Heating Cable – Connection Kits and Accessories

Installation Kits and Accessories include all of the necessary components for straight or tee splices, power connection boxes, and water-resistant endseal terminations for heat trace installation. Installation tape, pipe straps, and caution labels are available from our Econo or Duro line accessories.

Heating Cable – Embedded Snow Melting

Heat Trace Controls