Industrial Heating Cables and Controls

Chromalox heating cable line includes cables suitable for process maintenance, pipe and vessel freeze protection and roof and gutter de-icing applications.

Impedance Heating System

Impedance heating is perfectly suited for pipe maintenance temperatures. Applications include processes that require continuous, steady heat input or freeze protection for a fire water pumping system. Another common application is for corrosive environments where direct immersion heating is not desired.

Heating Cable – Constant Wattage

Chromalox CWM Constant Wattage Heating Cables are ideally suited for applications where a particular watt density is required at all times. The heater element consists of a nichrome wire wrapped around parallel, insulated buss wires. Constant wattage cables are flexible, can be cut-to- length in the field, and are manufactured for use on voltages from 120 to 480V. Although not suited for overlapping, its constant output makes it an ideal choice for higher temperature applications where higher watt densities are required. Equipped with a ground braid and optional FEP jacket, Chromalox constant wattage cables are third party tested and approved for use in harsh, corrosive and hazardous areas.

Heating Cable – Mineral Insulated

Chromalox MI Mineral Insulated Heating Cables are the most rugged heating cable in Chromalox’s product line. Constructed of a solid series resistor element embedded in highly compacted mineral insulation, MI cables are built to handle high temperature, high wattage applications. Mineral insulated cables are factory assembled and tested, ensuring the highest quality product. Since the units consist of a series resistor, virtually any wattage/voltage/length cable configuration can be produced within the cable’s physical operating limits. Chromalox mineral insulated cables are available for use up to 600V and are tested and approved for use in corrosive and hazardous areas. Optional accessories include pulling eyes and reverse glands. Other special features are also available.

Skin Effect Heat Trace System

Skin Effect Heating is used specifically for providing indirect heat to longer runs of piping from a single electrical supply source. Skin Effect is used in markets such as Oil & Gas, Refining, Chemical, or any similar industrial market that requires heated pipelines on long runs. A Skin Effect System is an easy-to-use arrangement made up of the heating tube, skin-effect cable, junction boxes, transformer, and control panel.

Heating Cable – Self Regulating

Chromalox SRL and SRM/E Self Regulating Heating Cables provide the most versatility in heat trace designs and applications. Self Regulating cables are flexible, can be cut-to-length in the field and can be single overlapped without fear of burnout in areas where complex piping and equipment require additional heat trace cable. Chromalox manufactures low temperature self-regulating heating cable for use on 120 and 208 to 277V. Equipped with a ground braid and optional TPR or FEP jacket, Chromalox self-regulating cables are third party tested and approved for use in harsh corrosive and hazardous applications.

Heating Cable – Hazardous Area

Chromalox HSRL and HSRM Self Regulating heating cable provides safe, reliable heat tracing for freeze protection of pipes, valves, tanks and similar applications, and is approved for use in hazardous locations. Constructed of industrial grade 14 and 16 AWG buss wire with a tinned copper braid and fluoropolymer overjacket, HSRL and HSRM ensures operating integrity in Div. 1 hazardous environments. HSRL and HSRM heating cable has a maximum maintenance temperature rating of 150°F (65°F) and 302°F (150°C) and a maximum exposure temperature of 185°F (85°C) and 420°F (215°C)

Heating Cable – Connection Accessories

Installation Kits and Accessories include all of the necessary components for straight or tee splices, power connection boxes, and water-resistant endseal terminations for heat trace installation. Installation tape, pipe straps, and caution labels are available from our Econo or Duro line accessories.

Heat Trace Controls and Panels

The DL Series Single Point On / Off Temperature Controls from Chromalox represent the state of the art in heat tracing and are available in five models to handle a broad range of applications. Models include two ambient sensing thermostats, two line sensing thermostats and a line sensing solid state controller. These high-quality models combine temperature control and power connection in a convenient, easy to use and economical package.