High Temperature Elements

Original Equipment and Replacement Parts

Metallic elements for all styles of electric electric furnaces, ovens, kilns, and related thermal processes.

high temperature radiant heaters and protective tubes

Kanthal elements and tubes for longer life & temperatures up to 2280 degrees F.

Air and gas combustion and control systems

Combustion system components, burners, controls and pre-packaged gas trains.

products for die casting and melting

Heating elements, tubes and die casting machines lids with replacement element modules.

Fibrothal heaters

Hi-Temp furnace style heaters for temperatures up to 1800 degrees C. These heaters are made with vacuum formed ceramic fibers that allow for low thermal mass and conductivity allowing for energy savings and efficient heating.


Big Chief Offers a wide selection of industrial process thermocouples to meet the requirements of the most demanding process applications. We can offer tight quality control standards per ANSI specifications and these thermocouples are capable of handling direct immersion into high pressure or corrosive applications.