Temperature Control Module

Automatic Operation/Manual Mode

Compatible with industry standard mainframes

Simplicity in Operation

Type “J” or “K” Thermocouple selection

Advanced Anti-Arcing Circuitry w/”ITC” Main frames

Two Year warranty

Mainframes 15A Module 1 Zone Main
Frame MF-1

2 Zone Main
Frame MF-2

Five Zone Main Frame MF-5-150

Eight Zone Main Frame

Sixteen Zone Main Frame MF-16-170 / MF-16-250

Twelve Zone Main Frame MF-12-150

Twenty Four Zone Main Frame MF-24-250

Thirty Six Zone Main Frame MF-36-350

Twenty Zone Mainframe MF-20-170 / MF-20-250

High Power Mainframes 30 Amp Module Full Load Capacity

Amperage Display

Easy Installation

Hot Runner Controls

Temperature Control Module S20-D3C & General Description

International Temperature Control’s rock solid “S20” series of temperature control modules provides user with an unprecedented level of dependability and ease of operation in even the harshest manufacturing environments. The field proven design and circuitry of our “S20” series of modules produce an instrument that is versatile, productive and cost effective.

During start up the advanced “Soft Start” circuitry slowly raises mold temperature in a manner which will protect heaters and safely dry out the mold. After the initial start up function, power to the heaters is increased until the setpoint is reached.

A multifunction digital readout displays actual temperature, while the center LED indicates power output to the mold. LED indicators are also provided for high temperature, low temperature, blown fuse, open thermocouple and reversed thermocouple alarm situations.

For those applications where additional diagnostics is warranted, the S20-D3C module is a logical choice providing display amperage draw feature by the simple push of a button.

The S20-D3C modules are designed to be used with all of our standard TC-2000, 15 amp and 30 amp main frames or our exclusive panel racks designed for custom applications.


  • Automatic Operation – Fully automatic instrument mode in which only the desired temperature needs to be entered.
  • Manual Mode – May be operated as a manual instrument if thermocouple feed back is lost.
  • Simplicity in Operation – In Auto mode all you have to do is set the operation temperature and turn the power on.
  • “Soft Start” feature automatically controls heating of a cold mold to remove moisture before full power is applied.
  • High and low temperature alarms
  • Type “J” or “K” Thermocouple selection
  • Reverse thermocouple indication
  • Digital display of temperature “F’ or “C”
  • Compatible with industry standard main frames
  • Selectable Control Methods- Adaptive-auto-tuning PID or Fuzzy Logic.
  • Blown Fuse indicator
  • Advanced Anti-Arcing Circuitry w/”ITC” Main frames
  • Amperage Measurement & Display
  • Complete display Diagnostic functions
  • Two Year warranty

Temperature Control Module uATC-20 General Description

The UATC-20 Temperature Control Module is a fully microprocessor based instrument, which has been intelligently designed for Hot Runner Mold temperature control applications where advanced operational and diagnostic features are needed. The well developed circuitry of UATC-20 produces a full featured module which is simple to operate and will stand up to rigors of harsh environments.

An interesting feature of the uATC-20 is its capacity to provide a snapshot of operation of the heating zone by displaying amperage draw. The UATC-20 also has the ability to adjust maximum amperage draw to a point just above maximum wattage of the heater. When the controller detects a current which is greater than that value, it will sound an alarm so the offending components can be replaced. This improvement allows for greater operating and maintenance efficiency by detecting leakage in mold wires, cables, heaters, etc. at an early stage.

The Circuitry of the UATC-20 provides improved protection to the mold in the event that the triac becomes shorted. This circuitry enables the controller to turn off the power to the heater if it detects continued power draw when the temperature is well above the set point.

ITC has addressed one of the most serious and costly problems of Hot Runner Temperature Controllers by incorporating of our Anti-Arching Feature. This enhancement can greatly reduce the probability of damage to either the main frame or module if a module is accidentally changed while the main frame is under power. This feature alone can save molders lot of money for repair or replacement.

Standard Features:

  • Amperage readout
  • Anti-Arching feature (when used with ITC’s updated TC-2000 Main Frame)
  • Dual digital displays – Set point and Process Temperature
  • Selectable PID or Fizzy Logic control method
  • Selectable Fahrenheit or Celsius operation
  • Soft Start cycle is automatically engaged in cold mold start up situations to dry out mold
  • Manual override with output power percentage display
  • Built in audible alarm
  • High and low temperature alarm
  • Thermocouple break protection (open) continues to apply learned percentage of power based on conditions prior to thermocouple break
  • Thermocouple short alarm to warn against heater runaway
  • Shorted Triac / Heater protection
  • Open Triac / Heater Protection
  • High Amperage indication warns if current exceeds a selected value
  • Ground Fault indication with selectable sensitivity
  • Standby key lowers setpoint to a safe temperature while machine is idle
  • 100% Power Output on demand key
  • Compatible with industry standard control modules and main frames

Optional Features:

  • Global Standby places all or a group of zones in standby mode (requires main frame modification)
  • Global Power Boost raises temperature for all or a selected group of zones for user selected time (requires main frame modification)