Visions 3000



Any hot runner temperature control system must provide functions and features to address two different requirements:

1. For a very small, but important, percentage of its time, the hot runner controller will need to provide a suite of tools for diagnosing mold problems. This should consist of tool diagnostic features as well as advanced graphical functions.

2. For the vast majority of its time, the hot runner controller needs to be able to run efficiently and reliably, 24/7, controlling the mold in the production environment, occasionally when responding to operator input to clearly and easily show operating conditions and allow the alterations of settings.

The VISIONS 3000 fulfills both these requirements in an easy-to-use, robust system. An overview, of some of the many features of the VISIONS 3000 and the benefits they bring to the modern production environment are a follows:

Solid Robust Design & Construction
It is clear from looking at the VISIONS 3000 that you will notice its rugged, compact, no-nonsense construction, which is designed and manufactured to stand-up to the rigors of the harsh industrial environment in which it will be used. Components are of industrial grade, i.e. both the key-pad screen is rugged enough to stand up to a harsh blow from, for example, an individual’s fist. With a low center of gravity most cabinets are capable of being tilted up to 20° before falling over.Reliability
A result of its intelligent robust design, the VISIONS 3000 is a system which will function, and dose function day in & day out, for years to come.Maintenance
Through every step of the design process ITC has kept a careful eye towards maintainability. To this end the VISIONS 3000 incorporates LED’s which are visible through the front panel which indicate operation of all output & processing cards as well as fuses.

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