Injection Molding

Big Chief’s low-cost insulation jackets reduce energy costs and shorten start-up time between jobs by directing heat back into your injection barrels. This reduces the ambient temperature in your facility, so you pay less for equipment operation and air conditioning. The combined benefits of UniVest allow you to save on energy costs while reducing your organization’s environmental impact.

UniVest insulation systems can also increase production capacity by improving control of process temperature. The jackets keep injection barrels at a steady temperature, which means less down time between jobs. Our product also creates a safer work environment for your employees and extends by protecting key components from high temperatures.

Big Chief offers both off-the-shelf solutions for insulating injection molding equipment and custom designed insulation systems. Our unique design technology allows us to create custom blankets with notches, donuts, cut-outs or any other variation required to perfectly fit your equipment.

Big Chief also offers easily removable insulation solutions for frequent process changes. Learn more about Quick Cool for process temperature changes.

Uninsulated injection molding equipment. UniVest jacket installed on equipment.

Paybacks & Incentives

Low Investment, High Return Energy Project
Machine insulation is a fast payback and high ROI energy efficiency project: more so than any other energy saving initiatives. The barrier is low to get started and we can provide high temperature insulation systems that fit your needs and budget. The chart on the right demonstrates estimated three year savings by machine tonnage. You can also download an injection molding payback sheet.

Available Rebates & Tax Credits

State and utility programs across the US are offering substantial incentives for energy efficiency projects, offsetting anywhere from 30 – 120% of the purchase price of high temperature industrial insulation. We work closely with these groups to ensure you receive the maximum benefit available in your area.

Low interest financing is also available in most locations. The benefits of financing now versus waiting to purchase later are easily quantified.

Design Components

Injection Molding Case Study


With services ranging from engineering assistance with initial concept development and product design, project management from prototyping through production tooling approval, molding, assembly, custom packaging, and shipping, Prism Plastics works to ensure products get to market in the fastest, most economical way.


Prism Plastics Inc was looking for a proven way to reduce their electricty usage and lower their overall energy costs.


Prism Plastics Inc turned to Big Chief Insulation Systems to purchase a set of blankets for their 220 Sumitomo, then brought their elecritc provider in to test the results.


St. Croix Electric ran an independent energy study on Prism Plastics’ 220 Sumitomo.
The energy study was conducted over 4 consecutive days; 2 days with blankets and 2 days without, at a consistent 350F. St. Croix Electric found that Big Chief blankets provided a 39.24% energy savings – which makes the blankets pay for themselves in less than 12 months.