All Purpose Degreaser DAC-107

  • Safe to Use on a Wide Variety of Surfaces
  • Dissolves the Toughest Filth, Grease, Dirt, Oil, Wax, Ink, Resin, Carbon, Soot and Soap Scum
  • Will not Harm Painted Surfaces
  • USDA Accepted

703 All Purpose Degreaser quickly dissolves the toughest filth, grease, dirt, oil, wax, ink, resin, carbon, soot and soap scum. This excellent penetrating formulation is aided by the advancement of a new solvent derived from orange oil, which is biodegradable, safe to use, non-toxic and produces no objectionable fumes. 703 All Purpose Degreaser is safe to use on a wide variety of surfaces. Simply spray it on with the convenient trigger sprayer and wipe it off. All Purpose Degreaser is excellent for laundry pre-spot, and does not contain Butyl Cellusolve. Will not harm painted surfaces.