Does It All Total Maintenance Degreaser DAC-108

  • The Happy Employee Degreaser
  • Low VOCs Make this a Good Choice for Environments Where Ventilation is a Concern
  • Rapid Cleaning Capabilities to Remove Overnight Rust Inhibitors
  • Good Degreaser to Accomodate Cleaning of Brakes & Engine Blocks Prior to Assembly
  • Rapid Evaporation Eliminates Bleeding Out of Ejectors, Lifters or Cams
  • All Position Spray Tip
  • USDA Accepted

Finally a product perfectly designed to degrease anything you can think of! YOU NAME IT, IT DOES IT! The number one choice for plastic molders. This unique formula will cut through anything. It’s rapid cleaning capabilities are pure enough to be used as a bench maintenance product and strong enough to remove most adhesives.


Excel is also Available in Bulk:

55 gal. drums.


Excel Mold Cleaner and Degreaser will give you instant results upon application. The immediate cleaning capabilities are shown above.

This ion based degreaser pulls oils to the surface of metal and instantly disperses them through controlled evaporation.

A completely clean metal surface with no residue to wipe away is achieved with Excel.

No worry of penetrating into the slides, cams or ejector pins. No chance of oil droplets or oil marks on molded parts with Excel Mold Cleaner and Degreaser.

Another degreaser out on the market shows, above, the problems molders encounter with ineffective degreasers:

The pooled degreaser was not able to remove the oils.

Wiping away the pooled areas smears the oils back into the fine pores of the metal surface.

This surface is not cleaned, and is not beneficial to molding. Pooled up degreaser and oils are going to penetrate back into slides, cams and ejector pins. Lubrication will break down. This will lead to bleeding, premature tool failure, oil droplets and oil marks.

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