Super Tap & Drilling Compound DAC-117

  • Excellent on Aluminum, Zinc and D2 Metals
  • Aids Tremendously in Rapid Production of High Quality Tapped Threads
  • Reduces Tool Wear and Tip Breakage
  • Provides Outstanding Results with Hard-to-Machine Metals and Alloys
  • 3-Way Adjustable Spray Tip

Super Tap and Drilling Compound is a chemical tapping compound unlike anything ever offered in this field. Super Tap is not a cutting oil: it is a premium blend of quality chemicals that will aid tremendously in rapid production of excellent quality tapped threads. Use of Super Tap will yield excellent quality tapped threads, with savings in tool wear and reduction of tip breakage. Tools and taps treated with Super Tap provide premium holes, threads, fit and finishes. Super Tap provides outstanding results in hard-to-machine metals and alloys. Super Tap will decrease downtime and tool grinding: the elimination of spoiled parts caused by tool breakage will save you hundreds of dollars in man hours.