Die Lube 2000, DAC-200

  • Prevents Galling, Binding & Bleeding in all Injection Molding Systems
  • Will Not Leave Carbon Deposits
  • No Separation in Lubrication Cells
  • Stable to 200°F
  • 3-Way Adjustable Spray Tip
  • USDA Accepted

Stop bleeding, galling, binding and contamination! A modern day lubricant specifically engineered to answer the needs of today’s high performance molders by preventing galling, bleeding and contamination. Die Lube 2000 is a dry formula that will never cause bleeding or contamination, making it superb in medical molding where prevention of contamination is critical.

Compare the results of a lubricity test, pictured above. Die Lube 2000 was applied to the ball bearing, above left. No wear is shown after the lubricity test. The ball bearing above right was treated with a typical grease, and acquired significant wear from the same lubricity test factors. Die Lube 2000’s pure lubrication package out-performs everyday shop grease.

Major Study Finds Die Lube 2000 to Perform with 0% Wear and 0% Scrap Ratio on Secondary Operations.

Researchers found 0% wear with DAC’s Die Lube 2000 and Wear Guard 2000 lubricants. Die Lube 2000 and Wear Guard 2000, two of 17 lubricants tested, were the only two products found to stop all galling, binding and wear, a 0% wear on parts.

Tests also showed Die Lube 2000 to eliminate bleeding and smearing in secondary operations, resulting in 0% scap ratio on secondary operations. These results were a significant improvement to their 33% scrap ratio prior to the study.

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