Easy Spray Grease, DAC-220

  • Non-Melting & Non-Dielectric
  • Will Not Freeze
  • Semi-Transparent
  • High Temperature
  • 3-Way Adjustable Spray Tip
  • USDA Accepted

A REVOLUTIONARY GREASE IN A CAN containing our high performance Die Lube ingredients added to the formula. This makes Easy Spray the most powerful, high-tech grease out on today’s market. This superior grease has excellent adhesive and coadhesive properties. DAC’s Easy Spray Grease resists weather, dirt, and oxidation, while still able to withstand heavy shock and impact of 100 timkin load. Fully compatible with DAC Red Grease. Withstands temperatures exceeding 600°F. MAKE DAC EASY SPRAY GREASE YOUR SUPERIOR WORK HORSE!

Have control of your grease application. Easy Spray Grease applies with a fine, even spray, as shown here. Easy Spray Grease won’t splatter like everyday shop grease.

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