All Purpose Foam, DAC-104

  • Excellent for Removing Rust Off Platens
  • Cleans Granite Blocks without Leaving Residue
  • Removes Gas Residue Build Up Created from Delrin and Nylon Use with On Line Mold Cleaner, DAC-102
  • USDA Accepted

TIME IS MONEY! When costs are high due to down time associated with gas build up in vents, DAC’s All Purpose Foam is your solution. It’s ability to adhere to vertical surfaces makes gas removal extremely easy. All Purpose Foam cleans and removes rust off platen surfaces, leaving you with a “Like New” appearance. All PUrpose Foam is also effective for removing gas residue build up created from Nylon and Delrin. Another quality DAC product that you will like.

Call DAC Industries technical support for information on removing gas build up residue with On Line Resin Remover,
DAC-102, and All Purpose Foam, DAC-104.

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