Dry Film Rust Preventative, DAC-105

  • Seals Against Corrosion and Prevents Moisture Without Bleeding
  • Purple Color Coverage Indicator
  • Won’t Leech into Ejectors, Cams, or Core Pins, Preventing Bleeding
  • Flushes Off Easily
  • Exceptional Water Repelling Qualities
  • 3-Way Adjustable Spray Tip
  • USDA Accepted

Our premium moisture displacement and rust preventative! Seals against corrosion and moisture without inducing bleeding. Dry Film is the same high quality product as DAC-101 Moisture Guard, but it’s unique built-in color coverage indicator lets you see exactly where you have sprayed! Remove with DAC-103 Universal All Purpose Degreaser or DAC-205 Excel, compatible DAC Industries products.

Rust and Corrosion are prevented and Moisture is displaced with Dry Film, DAC-105. 

Rust formed on the untreated left side of the panel above, while the right side, treated with Dry Film, remains rust free.


Dry Film has a color coverage indicator to show you exactly where you have sprayed. 

Dry Film clings to vertical surfaces and seals to prevent corrosion without bleeding.


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