Ultra Fine Dry Mold Shield, DAC-300

  • Clings – Stays Where It Sprays
  • Won’t Leech & Cause More Bleeding
  • Nice Fog for Evenly Coated Molds
  • No Running or Leeching
  • Semi-Transparent Coverage
  • 3-Way Adjustable Spray Tip
  • USDA Accepted

Ultra Fine Dry Mold Shield allows you total control of rust and corrosion, as well as the benefit of acid vapor neutralizing. A unique 3 way, dial-in volume control lets you decide just how much to spray. This effective fine mist evenly coats molds without causing bleeding or leeching. Excellent on PVC tools. Removal is a cinch.

Ultra Fine Dry Mold Shield sprays a fine mist to create an even coating on molds. Ultra Fine Dry Mold Shield has exceptional water repelling qualities. The surface above is sealed with Ultra Fine Mold Shield, protecting the surface from rust and corrosion.

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