Circulation Heaters


Compact and efficient, circulation heaters may be used in forced or natural circulation systems to heat flowing gasses or liquids. Pipe plug or Flanged immersion heater, vessel, insulation, terminal enclosure, mounting brackets and inlet and outlet connections are included. Installation is simple with only basic wiring and piping connections required. An integral thermostat is included on Series 1, 2, 3, and 5 items. An installation and maintenance manual is supplied with each Circulation Heater.Applications:

Heat transfer oils- Molding dies and platens, closed loop heat transfer systems for heat sensitive materials
Fuel oil heating- Pre-heating for delivery to burners, pre-heating to pumping viscosity
Air, gasses, steam- Process air, boosting temperatures of gasses, steam superheating

Be certain that the sheath material and watt density selected are compatible with the material being heated and operating temperature.
(PDF file – 733k)

For Moisture or Explosion Resistant Terminal Encloures:
EXAMPLE: CK5C-0016-M7. See Immersion Heater Section for description and overall dimensions.
M5 moisture resistant terminal enclosure also available on Series 1 and Series 2.

Add to Catalog Number
Series Moisture Resistant Explosion Resistant
1 M7 M7
2 M7 M7
3 M7 M7
5 M7 M7
8 M5 M6
10 M5 M6
12 M5 M6
14 M5 M6

Special rating or size
Moisture resistant/explosion resistant terminal enclosure
Flexitallic gasket
Mighty-Blade elements in some sizes
flanges on inlet and outlet on certain sizes
Stainless steel heating chamber
300 lb. or 600 lb. heating chamber and flange construction
Baffles in chamber to increase material velocity
High temperature insulation (over 500 F application temperatures)
Stand-off terminal enclosures to locate the termination from the flange
surface on higher temperature processes (over 500 F)
Thermostat on Series 8 and larger units
T2R Thermostat with manual reset over-temperature cut-out
Thermocouple mounted near outlet for precise process control and/or
welded to element sheath for high-limit protection
Passivation of wetted parts
Weatherproof outer jacket
Solid State Controls/Control Panels
ASME Certification