Mighty-Blade Process Heaters – Forming/Tolerances & Limitations



The unheated area from the termination end to the initial bend along with minimum dimensional requirements are primary considerations when forming a Mighty-Blade element. Parameters of the five possible types of bends are shown for use when designing a Mighty-Blade.
Tolerances and Limitations:
Width: 1.0″ + .015″ -.010″
Thickness: .275″ .005″
Minimum Sheath Length: 12″
Maximum Sheath Length: 180″
Maximum Voltage: 480
Maximum Amps: 40
Minimum Ohms/In. of EHL:
Mini2 coil element, .075 ohms;
Mini3 coil element, .05 ohms
Maximum Ohms/In. of EHL:
Mini2 coil element, 3.5 ohms;
Mini3 coil element, 2.33 ohms
Unheated Area Each End: 1″ minimum; 12″ maximum
Wattage: +5 -10%
Resistance: +10 -5%Sheath Length: ±1/2%
Effective Heated Length: ±1%